August 2023 - Acuity Robotics

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Robot Squirrel: Trial Inspection in York with BT

Working near York with BT and two radio and rigging technicians, Katie and Colin, testing out Robot Squirrel, and putting it through its paces. Usually, to inspect monopoles, the engineers would have ladders, safety ropes or some scalability and be working at height. The team at Acuity Robotics supported them in giving some pointers for...

Article: Magnetic squirrel bot inspects telecoms and wind turbine poles without tether

An article on the Super Innovators website, introducing Acuity Robotics’ Squirrel Bot:   Introducing the world’s smallest untethered robot that climbs ferrous infrastructure. Acuity Robotics, a spin out company from the University of Leeds, has built the world’s smallest untethered robots for ferrous infrastructure inspection. The six magnetic wheeled robot is called Squirrel and has...