Nicky in conversation with … Matthew Hopkinson, Commercial and Data Insights Lead, Acuity Robotics

January 31, 2023by acuityrobots0

No matter what sector a company is focused on or what solutions are in the company’s portfolio, making sure you get your brand out there is fundamental to success. There are many ways of promoting your brand.  My guest today will share his experience of taking part in a recent Robotics Festival  that really got his brand noticed.

In this podcast Matthew Hopkinson, commercial and data insights lead for Acuity Robotics talks about:

  • Being part of a Robotics Festival
  • Being able to pitch to Investors
  • the benefits Acuity Robotics got from the experience

Click this link to watch the Pitch to Investors and a video showcasing the Acuity Robots, Squirrel and Stoat.

Listen to Matthew’s earlier podcast with Nicky, where he:

  • Gives an overview of Acuity Robotics
  • Expands on what is meant by integration inspection and data reporting
  • Shares more about the benefits and which industry sectors they currently work with
  • Highlights the way forward for Acuity Robotics

To get in touch with Acuity Robotics please email Matthew ([email protected])

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